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been a while

sorry folks.  It’s been too long since I’ve blogged.  Reason’s why:

none really.  just got lazy.

In my attempts to jump start this blog, we will begin with the trade deadline, currently about 16 hours away. 

Teixiera to Atlanta means that  ATL is now the NL east frontrunner.  Doesn’t matter that they are not in first place.  They will be in two weeks.  The Mets need to address their outfield issues, mainly an injured Carlos Beltran.  He’s been an enigma all season and now he’s hurt.  Mets are in big trouble if they cannot get this guy healthy in a hurry.

The Cubs look good.  Really good.  I mean, REALLY good.  Sure they lost today, but still.  The NL Central will start to get tough, especially if my Cardinals start playing like they did this weekend: with a lot of guts.  Problem is: they have severe pitching issues.  I think the Cardinals need to make a move and make a move for an older veteran.  Why?  The rotation needs stability and a calming influence, and maybe that’s a move to get Matt Morris back in the rotation.  I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but with the Giants in last place, they may look to get some younger players since their roster is so old.  That could mean someone like Kelvin Jimenez and Blake Hawksworth may get moved.  Or a non-pitcher like Joe Mather, or one of the many infielders in Memphis.  The Giants’ youngest infielder is 25, but the next youngest is 32, with the remaining over 35.  That team NEEDS to get younger and the Cards have plenty of youth in the minors.  The question becomes: how good are they?  Brendan Ryan seems untouchable, but the rest are up for grabs.  Not sure what that says.

Either way, the Cardinals need to make a move to say something to the fans.  Either they are in for the haul or they are bowing out.  If they choose the latter, my guess is that Encarnacion and Miles might be on the market, with the potential of Ankiel and Ryan getting the opportunity to stay up the remainder of the season.  That’s the only way Ankiel is coming up: if he stays up.  They need to see what they have with him at the big league level.  Sorry Rick, but there is little time to keep playing around with you.  Either you are going to be here or not. 

Part of me hopes you come up, make a splash, and leave the organization.  It would probably be best for both sides to move on.