U G L Y in S T L

In what has been a rough week for Cardinals Nation, something very funny happened, and it really had little to do with baseball.   Rep. Shimkus (R-Il) decided it was a good idea to compare the Iraq War strategy to a Cards/Cubs game.  That was histerical! 

What a dope.   I’ve never agreed with the sports/war comparisons, since one is for entertainment and the other requires people suiting up to kill people in the name of something, whether it be Christianity, Islam, USA, or Earth (got to love Star Trek).   He really did his best Derrek Lee impersonation to try a stretch like that, but ended up the same way I would have: flat on his face eating dirt.  Putz.

Worst part about it is that people are outraged over the whole thing.  What he said was stupid and had no relevance when talking about an unjust war, but seriously people, there is no need to ask for him to resign or even apologize.  What he said didn’t hurt anyone or anything other than his own reputation.  But again, he’s a congressman.  He doesn’t have much of a rep anymore anyway.

On to baseball…


As many know, the Cardinals lost a member of the team in a tragic way.  In the efforts of not going into it too much, let me just say that what he did was dumb, and it cost him his life.   We now know that he was quite drunk and had weed on him, which doesn’t mean he smoked it, just had it.  This is not the same as losing Kile back in 2002, when he died suddenly in his room of a heart attack at age 33, where incidentally, pot was found.  There is little to know explanation for something like that.  In this case, there is a reason things happened, and it’s obvious and sad.  I hope everyone, not just players, remember what happened to Josh that night and never pass on a cab when offered.  There is a reason they are offering.

LaRussa really ticked me off with trying to attack the media pre-emptively, talking about an agenda.  First off, the media always has an agenda: to report the news.  Every day we hear about people dying because of drunk driving accidents, shootings, and fires.  Why should a situation where this happens to a member of a prominent community organization NOT be covered in the same way, if not more so?  That doesn’t make sense.  Sure, you are people like everyone else, but you sure don’t get paid like everyone else to do your job.  You work in Entertainment, which means you are in the public eye, and because of that, you live a public life, regardless of your desire to do so or not.  No one is making you be in the public eye to begin with.  It’s your choice, and with choice comes responsibility.  And you, just like politicians and movie stars, make a choice to be where you are.  It’s part of the territory.

Let’s really talk baseball now, shall we?  Sorry to get on a pulpit and all, but hey, it’s my blog and I can if I want.

The Cardinals got swept in Milwaukee.  Four points:
1) I said it before and I will say it again: there is not enough new blood in the lineup to get this thing going.  Not enough was done in the offseason to get a big-ticket player.  What’s the gamble? You won it all last year, so winning again in a bonus, basically.  Make the big move and show that you are trying.  I got the impression this offseason that they were going to be satisfied with winning last year.  I don’t blame them.  I’m satisfied too.  That’s my own dilemma, though.
2) The pitchers are going to start suffering if the offense does not get it going.  I think the only one who isn’t suffering from no offensive support is Looper, and that is not going to last long.
3) Wainright is putting too much pressure on himself and his curve is flattening out, which is why hes getting hammered.  he just needs to relax and pick Reyes’ brain on how to stay levelheaded on the mound.
4) The Brewers are for real.  I know the Cardinals have been distracted, but the Brew Crew is back and they are currently the team to beat in the NL Central.  They will need a big bat at or before the deadline to make them a real NL contender.

the Yankees have a clubhouse issue, and I am not talking about personalities.  They need to let their athletic training people go, given all the hamstring injuries.  That’s not okay.  They’ve pulled more hammies than ESPN’s hourly broadcast of Ken Griffey Jr’s injury.

Carpenter now is going to undergo surgery for his elbow and will be out 3 months.  What’s the point anymore.  I’m writing this season off until I am given a reason to reverse that.  That’s okay, though.  The team, the city, and fans got our championship last year when we really shouldn’t have.  I’m willing to start focusing on next year, even though it’s barely May. 

Nah, I’ll keep rooting for them and blogging about the season.  What else can I do?


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