Cards – Cubs, part 1

Watched the game on TV today.  It’s been a few days really since I saw an entire game due to work-related good times.  I was fiending.

Single biggest play of the game was Rolen’s pop-up with Dunc and Albert on first and third, no outs in the eighth.  Rolen gets a hit there or ties the game, I think the Cards win the game.  Yes, Chicago scored in the ninth, but Izzy would have been in to seal the deal.  It was a great pitch, just above Rolen’s hands, which is his weakness.

Yadi pulled an Aramis R. and watched his honron too long.  Both probably deserved being plunked the next time, especially given the managers involved.  Aramis has at least earned some of the ability to stare.  Yadi, still got a few more homers for you can get a pass.

Marquis looks like the Marquis of 2004.  Tough, a bit arrogant in a good way, sinker was down and got a lot of ground balls.  Good for him, bad for the Cards.  Cards have now lost every game against an ex-pitcher.  Isn’t it like seeing the ex-girlfriend that wasn’t "smart enough for you" now graduating from law school and marrying the guy you hated, all while you are still toiling around, playing video games?  Where’s Jeff Weaver when you need a moment with that desperate ex just to make you feel better about yourself?

I’m not sure what to make of Reyes.  He made it out of the first two innings, which has been his trouble spots, but then he got tagged for 4 in what were his best innings.  Too many pitches, too many long counts.  I like his high-riding heater, but he needs something down to really make that effective.  The changeup was not there tonight and he’s relying on it too much as it is.  His sinker in conjunction wiht the high heat could be killer and Yadi needs to force the issue.

TLR should not have taken Edmonds out.  Percentages be darned.  He needs to earn his keep and those are the situations where he does it.  If the pitches were the same, Edmonds rakes the first high slider into right to tie the game.

Best part of the game: the sock display. 
Worst part: still too many goatees.


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